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1974 - FBI Wanted Notice for SLA Members


Origin: United States Department of Justice Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)
Date: 1974
Criminal Name(s): Members of the radical revolutionary group Sybionese Liberation Army (SLA); Donald David De Freeze, Patricia Michelle Soltysik, Nancy Ling Perry, Camilla Christine Hall
Crime: Bank robbery, as well as abduction of material witness heiress Patricia (Patty) Hearst from her Berkeley, CA home.
Additional Information: Original printing of wanted notice. Patty Hearst joined the SLA after being kidnapped and participated in additional illegal activities, including further bank robberies, until being arrested in September of 1975. It is thought that she was brainwashed into taking part in the activities. She was convicted of bank robbery in 1976 and sentenced to 35 years in prison, later reduced to 7 years, but after 22 months was released by command of President Carter. An official pardon was given by President Clinton in 2001.

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