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1966 - Lightnin' Hopkins Jabberwock Poster


About this poster: This is an original Lightnin’ Hopkins Jabberwocky poster from 1966 advertising the only Berkeley appearance of Lightnin’ Hopkins outside the annual Blues Festival. This rare poster hails from the Jabberwock and dates from April 1966. These early items are all quite difficult to find now as people at that time did not save posters. It is on thick board and will be shipped flat.
Venue: The Jabberwock
Date: April 26-27, 1966
Groups Performing: Lightnin’ Hopkins, Dan Paik
Artist: Unknown
Printing Info: Original Concert 1st Printing
Condition: Near Mint (See photos)
Size: 14 1/2” x 23 1/8” 

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